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For those schools, or libraries, or outdoor events which don't have the budget, the space, the time or the audience size to warrant a full Widdershins show - or if you simply want to try something a little bit different - we can offer you ourTreasure Chest Tales.


These are stories from all over the world - folk tales, fairy tales and myths - told with the gusto of a live theatrical show.  Using some puppets, props and costume, Andy will tell one or more stories to a small group in a classroom, library, hall or even outside. These tales require hardly any set up time and are totally "unplugged". 


Hear about the King with stinky feet from India or Granny Dumpling from Japan.  We currently have 6 stories to choose from - hungry imps, magical objects, tasty stones and trapped djinnis.  All of them bursting with energy and waiting to be told.

Stone Soup
What happens when you have run out of stories and run out of luck? You find a Know-it-all Chef with a kitchen load of food and a grumpy yet gullible nature... and you get to work!
(Please note, this story, is also included in our main show “The Magic Porridge Pot & Other Tasty Tales” but it is presented differently).
The Princess & The Pea
King Percy Prune-Pickle and Queen Purnilla Prune-Pickle are worried that their son, Prince Pilchard, is spending too much time on his computer. How will he ever meet a potential wife? Moreover, how will he ever meet a proper princess? When the mysterious Olivia turns up - without a crown - their fears are increased.
(Puppets are made from potatoes and can relate well to a puppet making workshop, if so desired - see workshops).
The Fisherman & The Djinni
Kalifah the fisherman is not very successful at fishing and consequently is very poor. Whilst waiting for a bite, one day, he discovers an ancient bottle. Of course, his curiosity gets the better of him. What will be his fate?
(Please note, this story, is also included in our main show “Arabian Nights” but it is presented differently).
The King with Stinky Feet
King Barabadabada is a little bit grumpy and hates taking a bath. When he discovers the joys of washing in the river everyone is relieved - until the King finds it impossible to leave the water without getting his feet covered in dirt. How will his long suffering servant Gaboo cope? Based on a traditional Indian poem "The Invention of Shoes" by Rabindranath Tagore.
Granny Dumpling
Granny Dumpling makes the best dumplings in Japan. She is also fearless. When a fresh batch of dumplings rolls away from her house she must follow - even if this means following a hairy little goblin (an Oni) into his underground lair.
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