Tall Tales & Tiny Taradiddles - Schools, Libraries & Festivals



For those schools, or libraries, or outdoor events which don't have the budget, the space, the time or the audience size to warrant a full Widdershins show - or if you simply want to try something a little bit different - we can offer you our TALL TALES & TINY TARADIDDLES.


These are stories from all over the world - folk tales, fairy tales and myths - told with the gusto of a live theatrical show.  Using some puppets, props and costume, Andy will tell one or more stories to a small group in a classroom, library, hall or even outside. These tales require hardly any set up time and are totally "unplugged". 
NB:  The story of Ug, Bug & Dug requires access to power


The Hare & The Hedgehog

The Hare & The Hedgehog

In the game of Top Trumps, the Hare would always beat the Hedgehog in Speed, Agility and Length of leg, but in Cunning, the cute little Hedgehog will always win!

The Princess & The Pea

The Princess & The Pea

Is she or isn’t she a real princess….mmm! I wonder. “Pile up the mattresses, nice and high Tell her it’s for comfort if she asks why. If she says it’s bumpy, a Princess she must be. For only a Princess would notice a pea

Granny Dumpling

Nanooshka - Queen of the Goats

The Musicians of Bremen

Ug, Bug & Dug

Crazy Tales for Crazy Times

The six stories we are now offering were amongst the 40 stories told during the first lockdown in 2020 - under the title of "Crazy Tales for Crazy Times".  These are more of a "bare bones" style of telling.  The Tall Tales have a lot more visual texture to them.