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Medium Shows - TALL TALES

These are storytelling shows, with original music (by Martin Thornton) puppets, props and some set, but they are shorter and smaller scale than our big shows.  They are also quicker to set up.  

They have been made mainly for smaller audiences (up to about 70) and for children aged 6+ (year 1 and upwards).  They have a very theatrical feel about them and work best indoors (electricity required).  Each one lasts 30 - 40 mins.

The Fearsome Giant

Pity poor Prince Frederick!  He is scared of everything.  EVERYTHING!  Little things, big things, things which might happen, things which might not happen, things which only exist in his imagination.

Poor Fred is exhausted with worry.  However all his fears seem insignificant when a huge, scary, fearsome giant comes to the sleepy kingdom of Merryhaven and terror runs through the streets!  With the help of his one true friend – Twiglet the dog – can Fred overcome his own fears;  overcome the giant and bring calm to Merryhaven?


Suitable for children aged 5 to 9

The Puppets and Set-20.jpg
Pigs + Bears Don't Come in Pairs!

Straw, wood, brick?  Porridge, chairs, beds?  Two trios to tantalise and tickle your senses in this DOUBLE BILL of Furry Tails, where Goldilocks may even be more scary that the Big Bad Wolf!

If two’s company and three’s a crowd, then book your place now for these well loved stories, retold with puppets, original music and a perfectly petite pop up set.

Ideal for 3 to 7 year olds.

"two of the most gorgeous and delicate tellings of familiary tales you'll hear this side of 'Jackanory' in the TV show's glory days"  (***** GET YOUR COATS ON)

Stone Soup

Having survived the ravages of the sea and a ship full of marauding pirates, our storyteller finds himself without money;  without food;  and worse still…. without a story to tell.  Can a simple pebble picked up off the beach be the answer?  And can he outwit Wafflesweat – the cantankerous troll-like chef who lives in the castle?

Suitable for children aged 5+

"We enter to find Andy Lawrence, like a middle years Merlin of enchantment and make believe"

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