The Elves & The Shoemaker

Shooooooooooooooes ....! Ah, new shoes .... Delightful on the feet. Soft, dancing shoes; swarthy pirate shoes; silver buckle and silken soles. No one makes shoes like an elf.

This well known and well loved tale - made popular by the Ladybird Classic - has been re-heeled by Theatre of Widdershins in their own inimitable style. Beautifully crafted set and puppets, sublime music, a kaleidoscope of
miniature shoes and a comic mouse all make this show a magical must-see.


Suitable for everyone aged 3+.

Rapunzel & the Tower of Doom

Tangles? Split Ends? Frizzy? Flyaway? It’s bad enough having a bad hair day but pity poor Rapunzel spending her life in a tower with some strange woman using her captive’s locks as a step ladder! What sort of damage is that going to do to your hair? Theatre of Widdershins have taken this traditional tale right back to its roots, teased out the tangles and styled it into a beautifully coiffured hair piece! This enchanting show promises plenty of body, volume and loads of highlights. Make an appointment to see the show today – because you’re worth it!!!


Suitable for everyone aged 4 and up. 

Three Billy Goats Gruff & Other Furry Tails

The perplexing question of fairytales - what really happened between the wolf and his three porky friends? Why was Goldilocks wandering in the woods? How did the goats overcome a mighty troll - are explored and explained by the wonderful Theatre of Widdershins with the help of fun, laughter, some gorgeous puppets and a soundtrack that will stick in your head long after you've left the theatre.


Suitable for everyone aged 3+ and their pet trolls.

The Gingerbread Man & A Pot Full of Magic

“You can’t catch me, You’re much too slow!
I like to run wherever I go”

Can YOU catch that slippery little biscuit, the Gingerbread Man?  You’ll need a big bowl of porridge first to keep your energy up.  Don’t worry if you haven’t had yours this morning, Granny Grinpickle’s Magic Porridge Pot has made enough for everyone!!

These two tasty tales which you know so well are served with unexpected spices and quirky flavours, along with Widdershins’ trademark ingredients of puppets, pop-up sets and original music.  Perfect fare for fussy foodies and discerning diners.  Bon Appetit!



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