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     Small Shows - Tiny Taradiddles     

These stories are for small school halls or classrooms, libraries, or small settings where there is no access to power.

Please note:  these stories require a lot of audience participation and concentration and are not suitable for the very young or fidgety

recommended age 5+

Price:  £150 + vat per story (LOCAL ONLY)

Princess + The Pea

Is she or isn’t she a real princess….?mmm! I wonder. 
“Pile up the mattresses, nice and high, Tell her it’s for comfort if she asks why. 
If she says it’s bumpy, a Princess she must be.  For only a Princess would notice a pea!  But if she sleeps as snug as a bug in a rug, she cannot be a Princess, she can only be a THUG!”
A romantic tale of Princesses, Princes and Mushy Peas

Princess & Pea.jpg

Granny Dumpling

(Based on a Japanese Folk Tale): Granny Dumpling makes the best dumplings in Japan.  She is also fearless.  When a fresh batch of dumplings rolls away from her house she must follow - even if this means following a hairy little goblin (an Oni) into his underground lair.


granny dumpling

The Musicians of Bremen

The Many Legged Musicians of Bremen (Brothers Grimm):  Have you ever wanted to be in a band?  Looking cool with a guitar slung over your shoulder?  Twiddling drumsticks high in the air?  Well, this was the dream of four friends:  Rodney the Donkey, Rufus the Dog, Mimi the Cat and Spockerel the Cockerel.  But to fulfil their destiny they must brave the woods where only bandits dwell.


The Hare + The Hedgehog

The Hare + The Hedgehog (Brothers Grimm):  In the game of Top Trumps, the Hare would always beat the Hedgehog in Speed, Agility and Length of leg, but in Cunning, the cute little Hedgehog will always win!  See how Mr Hedgehog (with the help from Mrs Hedgehog) outwits the stuck up Haversham Hare who believes himself to be the Lord of the Manor. 

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