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For those schools, or libraries, or outdoor events which don't have the budget, the space, the time or the audience size to warrant a full Widdershins show - or if you simply want to try something a little bit different - we can offer you our TALL TALES & TINY TARADIDDLES.


These are stories from all over the world - folk tales, fairy tales and myths - told with the gusto of a live theatrical show.  Using some puppets, props and costume, Andy will tell one or more stories to a small group in a classroom, library, hall or even outside. These tales require hardly any set up time and are totally "unplugged". 


Hare & Hedgehog
The Hare & The Hedgehog
Princess & Pea
King Percy Prune-Pickle and Queen Purnilla Prune-Pickle are worried that their son, Prince Pilchard, is spending too much time on his computer. How will he ever meet a potential wife? Moreover, how will he ever meet a proper princess? When the mysterious Olivia turns up - without a crown - their fears are increased.
(Puppets are made from potatoes and can relate well to a puppet making workshop, if so desired - see workshops).
Granny Dumpling
Ug, Bug & Dug
Musicians of Bremmen
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Musicians of Bremmen